Bath WI Garden

3 thoughts on “WI garden 10 July 2014 – 43”

  1. NICK RAMSEY said:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Bath W.I. for your fine ‘Outstanding’ award in the Bath in Bloom competition.

    It was really nice to meet the three ladies from the W.I. who attended the award ceremony last Thursday evening, who kept Andy and myself, a volunteer gardener, from the Carer’s Centre, company at the event.

    What was not so good was that virtually everybody else beat us!

    Kitty designed what was described as an amazing garden.

    To get some ideas and to attempt to do better next year, I intend to visit, if invited, all of the winning organisations in the voluntary sector.

    This should help us to see the high standards achieved, and what we have to do, to improve our garden.

    Invitations were given to all three ladies who attended, to come and visit the garden at the Carer’s Centre on the Lower Bristol road, any Thursday morning, when the volunteers are there.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Kind Regards

    Nick Ramsey

    01225 448282 or 0751 000 6222

    • Thank you for your kind comments, we did enjoy the Awards ceremony, and meeting you and your colleague from the Carer’s Centre Garden. It would be a pleasure to show you our Bath WI Edible Garden, it is located in RVP Botanical Gardens; and also to visit your lovely garden on the Lower Bristol Road. The RHS ‘Its Your Neighbourhood’ Scheme is a wonderful one, and in our view all Gardens are ‘ winners’
      With best wishes
      Kitty Lambah
      Bath WI Garden Team

  2. ooo

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