April Bath WI Meeting Cancelled

Since our March meeting, the spread of the ‘Corona’ (Covid-19) virus has been recognised as a pandemic. Since the virus is most dangerous for those people who are older and have underlying health conditions, we have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel our meeting on Wednesday April 1st. We feel it would be irresponsible to hold the meeting when many of our members might not feel able to attend. Please keep an eye on our newsletters and social media for updates.

We are putting together a support network of Bath WI members. If you would like to volunteer to help or are isolating yourself and need someone to pick up a prescription or a pint of milk – or just someone to phone you for a chat – please email thebathwi@gmail.com and we will do our best to help.

Crafty Nights Out (and In) are back…!

The Bath Women’s Institute is restarting its Crafty Night Out evenings!

We aim to run craft evenings for members of the Bath WI, either working on our own projects or organised workshops. They will usually be held every other month on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Our first Crafty Night Out is all arranged…let us know at Wednesday’s meeting if you would like to come, or email bathwicrafts@gmail.com!


In the past we have sampled crochet, screen printing, pottery, chocolate making, aromatherapy, patchwork, clutch bag making and lots more. We’d love your suggestions of the crafts you’d like to learn more about and if you think you could possibly run a craft night for us then we’d also love to hear from you.

For more information come along to the next Bath WI meeting and chat to one of the Crafty Ladies (Karen, Sally and Sue) or email bathwicrafts@gmail.com