Book Club

Have fun reading books, discussing books…and possibly sipping cocktails…with the three Bath WI Book Clubs!

The Bath WI Book Clubs are open to members of the Bath WI meeting on various evenings either in a cafe or pub or in members houses. If you’d like to come along, do get in touch – we’d love to see you and are always recruiting new members.

Books are chosen by the members and cover a wide variety of genres – a great opportunity to try a new author or a book from a genre you wouldn’t normally consider

Joining the book club does not commit you to reading every book or coming to every meeting; it is fine to drop in as and when a book appeals to you. Sometimes we go to the cinema when a book has been made in to a film, to compare notes

If you’d like more information about our Bath WI Book Clubs or to join the Bath WI please email


Pick up a book and join in!

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