Notes from the Potting Shed 2017


It’s January in the Bath WI Community Garden and it’s having a well deserved rest. It enjoyed the hustle and bustle, the growing and cropping, the colours and contrasts of last summer, but now it’s time to relax a while and let its gentle, winter shapes speak for themselves. Our permanent planting of bay trees, sweeping half circles of rosemary, the sages, the angelicas and stately arms of the fennel reaching for the sky are beautiful too. The Garden is still full of interest and it’s nice to see its core shapes so well defined.
We all need a breathing space and plants are no different!



This is the most exciting time of year for our lovely Bath WI Garden, (situated near the long herbaceous border in Bath’s Botanical Gardens).

The Sunflowers, sown, watered, potted on, and loved by our Team and Friends are looking Wonderful!  I am very happy, because you just never know, do you?  We’ve had casualties galore, (as all gardeners do) with visiting hungry insects, badgers etc, etc but, fingers crossed, they are looking smart, and stately, in their rows.  One can almost imagine the French Field of Sunflowers in France that the inspiration was taken from.

Our nasturtiums are starting to get busy,  and the dahlias, scented geraniums and hollyhocks at the front end of the bed, are all growing nicely.   Helen has put her borlotti and runner beans in, and they are starting their journey up the wigwams.   Our chicory herb was moved to the side, and the plants have already reached over 4 feet!   They were in the wrong place last year, just behind the Bath.  So our enthusiastic Chicory Herbs grew to 7 foot, leaned over the camomile in the Bath, (which didn’t amuse it one bit!)  and blocked the sun from the Borlotti beans!   Hmmm, and who was it that didn’t do her homework, didn’t know that the Chicory herb would grow so tall?  It was Yours Truly, so ‘nil points’ there!   The star of the show for the last few weeks has been that wonderful lime green Angelica, but the artichokes are just so-o beautiful;  we have quite a lot!   Several of each of the plants; so much to see and enjoy.  I hope the Brides like having their photographs taken by our Bath, they are directed down there for a photo shoot apparently, after getting married in the Temple of Minerva nearby.

So, all in all, a very happy time in our Wonderful WI Garden.  Chelsea eat your heart out!
Kitty  x


Met Sue, one of our VIP Garden Gurus/Photographer Extraordinaire at our Sunflower Field (aka Bath WI Garden) today. Some of those beauties are 10 ft. tall; you get a crick in your neck just gazing up at them ! Wonderful !

kitty sue

The bees and other pollinators are thriving in the Bath WI edible community garden.