Crafty Nights Out 2014

27 March 2014 and 29 May 2014 – bunting making with Scrapiana

Eirlys at Scrapiana came back to run a Bath WI workshop making beautiful scalloped bunting – such a hit we had to run a second workshop in May! Some of us progressed rather better than others…some of us (yes, I mean me) chatted too much! We all had a great time and now have strings of bunting we can proudly say we made ourselves!


bunting making - 05

It wasn’t all chatting – there were times you could almost hear the concentration,





bunting making - 15


Fuelled with cups of tea, lemon cake and flapjacks…







bunting making - 06

Roped my other half in to taking a couple of group photos…for posterity!





bunting making - 08

Eirlys was lucky to make it home with that cute little Singer sewing machine…now top of my wish list!





bunting making - 12

And this sewing machine was even smaller!





bunting making - 13

Work in progress






bunting making - 14

Ta da!









scalloped bunting - 2

My finished bunting in pride of place! (I had to finish it on my own the next day…)





19 June, 26 June and 3 July 2014 – lotions and potions with Clare Harris

Clare Harris spoke to the Bath WI about the benefits of aromatherapy and her talk was so popular that when Clare agreed to run a lotions and potions workshop where we could mix up our own creams, it was so oversubscribed she had to run three workshops for us!

Everybody loved the workshops – we each took home two creams and the air smelled wonderful! We have even been able to twist Clare’s arm to persuade her to run a special Christmas lotions and potions workshop for us so we can make some creams as Christmas presents.


23 July 2014 – beaded jewellery making with Made by Sami

We had a lovely time at Sally’s house with Sami of Made by Sami – and all came home with several pairs of really professional looking earrings (and a number of us bought pliers and wire so we can make more at home).

Sally spoilt us rotten with Pimms and palmiers…




6 November 2014 – WI Hotties

Have you ever had that hand to forehead moment when a favourite soft and cuddly jumper appears hot out of the tumble-drier, shrunk to a size you haven’t been since you were at junior school? Well Scrapiana (the lovely Eirlys Penn) showed us how to take such an item and turn it in to a hot water bottle cover, to be cuddled forever after – a perfect Christmas present!





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