2014 meetings

The Bath WI meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm at St Mary The Virgin Church on Darlington Street in Bathwick, a short walk from the city centre.  You’ll find details of up and coming events listed below or simply like our Facebook Page to get updates of our events

January – NO MEETING

2014feb_thumbnailFebruary – David Flatman Tackles February

David Flatman, former Bath and England rugby player, is coming to join the WI scrum at the February meeting. Now retired from the professional game, he is a sports presenter, Head of Communications at Bath rugby and has a regular column in Bath Life magazine. His talk will range from life within rugby, to life after! He will also talk about the work of the Bath Rugby Foundation, an independent charity, which looks to encourage education and inclusion of young people locally through sport. Now might be the time to reiterate that, although men are not able to join the WI they are most welcome to attend meetings!

Hrishnikesh Desai demonstrates cookeryMarch – Food, Glorious Food

The delightful and dynamic Hrishnikesh Desai from the very lovely Lucknam Park cookery school will be taking us back to the ever popular food theme and doing a cookery demo at the March meet. The cookery school runs courses ranging from speedy family suppers, through Indian street food to Michelin star cooking at home – and everything in between. If you’re tempted to do some pre-WI homework then have a look – www.lucknampark.co.uk/cookeryschool/

Camilla Bourquin - MoneywiseApril – ‘Money, money, money’

The start of the new financial year seemed a good time to think about financial independence; the impact on your family if you were ill, retirement plans and investment strategies. Camilla Bourquin, financial planner, will talk us through this, so calculators and notebooks at the ready!


DSC_0002May – aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils

Aromatherapy: an ancient natural medicine, based on the use of potent volatile plant oils to bring about therapeutic effects. Spend an evening finding out about the history, practice and everyday applications of aromatherapy. Discover how you can use these high-powered concentrates in a whole range of ways, from simple first aid, to relaxation, well being and natural beauty treatments. We’ll be finding out which oils you should have in your medicine cabinet, your kitchen and your bathroom and why it’s important to use them wisely. Clare Harris, will make sure you won’t look at plants in the same way again!

Mentoring PlusJune – ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’

Mentoring Plus is a local charity that trains and matches adult volunteer mentors with young people (12-17) who are at risk of being excluded from schools or getting involved in crime or anti-social behaviour. Mentoring has been very successful at helping prevent further trouble as well as building the young person’s self-worth and sense of a positive future. As well as a brief outline from one of the charity adults, we’re hoping one of the young people will talk about their own situation and the impact that their mentor has had on their life.
bath wi garden1July – ‘A Good Year for the Roses’
July is our ‘At the Botanical Gardens’ Party! Gates open at 7.30 so come in and join us for a drink, something from a sharing plate and a chance to admire the wonderful Bath WI edible plant bed. The garden committee will be on hand to guide you round and answer your horticultural queries. We’re hoping for music, floaty frocks and sun! Please note that the meeting will not be at Bathwick St Mary’s as usual but at the Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park.


Bath 14 jan 2014 - 078August – ‘These Boots were Made for Walking’
For our August meeting we’re out and about in Bath. Join us for a walk around our beautiful city and for those who wish a drink in the pub afterwards! Details to be confirmed.



jo emersonSeptember – ‘Who’s That Girl?’
Jo Emerson is a Life Coach based in Bath who focuses on personal performance and confidence coaching for business and life. So with the new school year, shiny new pencil cases and sharpened pencils, perhaps now is the time to uncover the new you?



qOctober – ‘There are More Questions than Answers’
October is our grown up and serious business meeting when members get to review the year that’s past and vote for the people who will sort the year to come! After the admin it’s time to make up a team for the Bath WI Quiz Night!



November – ‘Thank you for the Music’
It’s time for tra-la-la-ing, trilling and happy harmonies as Sarah Kettlety, singing teacher extraordinaire and leader of local choirs, conducts our musical meeting.

December – ‘All I Want for Christmas…’
… is Richard Bertinet!
(Or failing that, Monsieur Bertinet talking to the Bath WI on 3rd of December – get the date in your diary!)

7 thoughts on “2014 meetings”

  1. Laura Rudge said:

    Would like to know more with a view to joining please. Thanks Laura

  2. Is it OK just to come along to the next meeting and join in?

    • Absolutely! We would love to see you – you can either come as a guest (£4) to see if you like us or join as a member (£36, which covers all of 2015 and the last couple of months of 2014). Doors open at 7.30pm and we kick off at 8pm.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you all this evening as a newbie…

  4. Thanks…I realised I was getting ahead of mysel the moment I’d pressed send. Looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday.

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