Notes From The Potting Shed: June 2016

Kitty’s Cuttings: An Early June Update on our Lovely WI Edible Garden

What a lot is happening in our garden! I have been away on a half term holiday and whilst my back was turned all our plants just went for it! Is there a more exciting time of year for plant-watching? I don’t think so and this beautiful bumble bee feasting on the flowers of our chives agrees with me. We do everything we can to encourage the bees; Elaine’s dahlias are always varieties that bees can access, as are the hollyhocks, nasturtiums, the camomile and all the other flowers.

On the right of the bath we can see how tall the potatoes have grown. They are a red variety called Desiree and some are in flower, it’s a pretty white flower with a bright yellow centre. The camomile in the bath is looking really lush and soon those white flowers with yellow centres will be brimming over the edges.

Only last year Jess, our wonderful President, planted the Women’s Institute Centenary Rose and here it is in full bloom. We are very proud of it and it looks so healthy and happy under the rose arch.

And lastly, a quick peek at our lollo rosso and lime green oakleaf lettuces. We’re growing them in succession this year and here they are nestled between the dahlias and hollyhocks. Both of those grow very tall, but what the lettuces lack in height they make up for in succulence and colourful deliciousness!

Our Gurus work hard to bring all the plants together in the WI’s little patch and, if you can, do take a stroll in the Botanical Gardens to see how well everything is doing. Sit on the bench and enjoy the view!
Kitty Lambah

Editor’s note – the garden is looking stunning ahead of the party next week. And I had to include this amazing picture by Sue of the extra sunshine that Kitty obviously ordered just for us!

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