About the Bath WI Committee

The Bath WI Committee 2017

Here are your committee! As well as listing their job descriptions they also provided some need to know answers to some essential questions…


El Presidente (leader of meetings and holder of the Presidential gavel) and Walking group coordinator: Trish

trish-pearlsFirst crush – Dirk Bogarde in A Tale of Two Cities, “It’s a far, far better thing I do now…” with all of us in floods of tears!
Cake – anything except Battenberg; I can’t stand marzipan.
Laughs – books by Bill Bryson and Terry Pratchett, which I can’t read without giggling out loud.
Soaps – I don’t watch any.
Place in Bath – anywhere with my friends or family, sitting down with a drink and a lovely view.



committee - 12Chief cashier (in charge of all things money, bank accounts and balancing the books) and MCS rep: Jess 

First crush – Kevin Bacon (but only in Tremors. One of the best films ever!)
Favourite cake – are you kidding? I love all cakes.
What makes me laugh – my husband (unintentionally), my kids and comedians like Katherine Ryan, I think she’s fab.
Secret Soap Addiction – I don’t like soaps but I do love a bit of Diagnosis Murder – not sure it counts!


hilary Secretary and holder of the big WI bag: Hilary

First crush – Bryan Ferry
Favourite cake – pistachio macaron
What makes me laugh – classics are Fawlty Towers and Victoria Wood, but basically I’ll laugh at anything!
Secret soap addiction – The Archers, but of course they are actually real people, I’ve known them all my life.
Favourite Bath hangout – the Ustinov Studio



Networker extraordinaire (Speaker Secretary): Helen

First crush – Donny Osmond, purple was my favourite colour for years.
Favourite soap – ‘Dum de dum de dum de dum, dum de dum de dum dum’, need I say more? Iplayer has revolutionised listening to the Archers – I can catch up anywhere at anytime!
Favourite cake – being a WI member, I’m not sure I should confess to this but it’s Mr Kipling’s Fondant Fancies, preferably the lemon one! They are the perfect size.
What makes me laugh – myself! If I didn’t laugh at my attempts at growing sunflowers from seed I would cry!
Favourite view of Bath – at the top of the approach golf course at 6.18am on a particularly frosty morning last year with Basil, my faithful hound, waving to Major Tim as he orbited the earth.



committee - 04Head Gardener (design doyenne and co-ordinator of the garden committee): Kitty

First crush – Elvis Presley (yes really!)
Favourite cake – anything decorated with edible flowers!
What makes me laugh – The weather forecast! Particularly when they say we’re going to get rain. We never seem to have enough and our WI garden is bone dry. And also my fledgling attempts to learn the violin at 70!
Secret Soap – I don’t watch soaps but I love Gardeners’ World (especially when the Bath WI are on it!)
Favourite Bath hang out – apart from our lovely garden, it’s definitely the Bath Priory Hotel for its art collection, which never ceases to enchant. Two of them are of a passenger ship that looks like it’s docked at the Suez Canal waiting to go through. The locals are selling their wares to the passengers – it takes me back to being there in 1955, really perfectly captured.



ElaineReading Monitor (supervisor of all things Bath WI Book club) and writer of committee agenda and minutes: Elaine

First crush – Paul McCartney
Favourite cake – Christmas cake with traditional Royal Icing
What makes me laugh – Frasier and Peter Kay’s Car Share
Favourite soap – The Archers and Scandi-Noir
Favourite Bath hangout – Loft or Opium depending on the time of day!

FullSizeRenderCrafty Lady in charge of craft nights: Ruth

First crush – David Essex
Favourite cake – Little butterfly cakes
What makes me laugh – Big Bang Theory
Secret Soap Addiction –  I don’t watch any soaps any more.  The best I can come up with is The Walking Dead – which I realise is not an everyday story of everyday folk, but then neither is Eastenders!


‘Out and About’ (organiser of one off events): Lindsay

WI-Lindsay  First crush – Mick Jagger, when I was about 5. I had a photo of him on my wall that I used to kiss before I went to bed. I also had one of Jimmy Osmond that I used to turn to face the wall when I got undressed because I didn’t like the way he was looking at me.
Favourite cake – Swedish Love Cake, try it and see for yourselves http://scandikitchen.typepad.com/scandikitchen/2009/05/recipe-of-the-week-the-love-cake-k%C3%A4rleks-mums-den-du-ved-nok-kage.html. If you’re visiting London you can buy a slice at the Scandinavian Kitchen cafe on Great Titchfield Street.
What makes me laugh – lots of things! Mostly my own dark sense of humour. I always forget that other people don’t share it thought so I’m used to getting strange looks.
Secret soap addiction – I hate all soaps but do watch Made in Chelsea. The people in it are vile but I used to live around that area and the street scenes stop me feeling homesick.
Favourite Bath hangout – Prior Park Garden Centre. I go there whenever I’m feeling a bit blue or whenever I just want to wander around amongst the plants. Ones in the ground are great but there’s nothing like being able to pick them up and give them a really close look. Plants are amazing!


WI paula Sweet Charity (liaising with local charities and organiser of food bank donation, women’s refuge collections and all things altruistic) and the Avon Lady (liaising with the ladies from the Fed, national WI issues and being our contact in the local group) : Paula

My first crush was my history teacher – the thought still still makes me swoon!
Favourite cake – Christmas cake with proper royal icing
What makes me laugh – my old school mates
Secret soap – not really soaps but any scandi, northern European crime drama. I’ll happily binge a whole series over several days.
Best place in Bath – the view over the Abbey from half way up North Road


karen The Tech Sec and writer of the newsletter: Karen

First crush – George Michael (and I’ve loved him ever since!)
Favourite cake – coffee and walnut or banana bread when I try to convince myself I’m going for the healthier option!
What makes me laugh – watching ‘Taskmaster’ with the children, their reactions are as funny as the show itself.
Secret soap addiction – The Archers! I’ve listened since my teens so am a serious Ambridge addict. No day is complete without a dose of Dum-ti-Dum-ti-Dum-ti-Dum!
Favourite Bath hangout – Green Bird for breakfast and the Marlborough Tavern garden for a glass of something chilled on a sunny evening. And the view from Bathwick meadows down over the city on the morning dog walk is hard to beat.


Vice (ready to step forward when the President has left the building) and bar wench: Sharon

SharonFirst crush – Simon Le Bon
Favourite cake – Lemon (anything citrus flavoured)
What makes me laugh – my boys and Brooklyn Nine Nine
Secret soap addiction – coconut, or anything tropical
Best place in Bath – Coffee @ Rossario’s or just walking through all the little alleys


Minister without Portfolio (helping out wherever necessary) : Sam

samFirst crush – probably Roger Moore as James Bond
Favourite cake – my Mum’s coffee sponge
What makes me laugh – The Durrells!
Secret soap addiction – it has to be the Archers
Favourite Bath hangout – the Hare & Hounds for Monday morning coffee (or any morning really!


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