We spent a happy hour listening to Sarah from BANES council talk to us about recycling, though I must admit, I did end the evening feeling slightly more stressed that I started, due to worrying about the recycling I was getting wrong and the enormity of indeed getting it right!

Sarah started with a quiz.  Surprisingly it highlighted that there was in fact more to choosing what to put in your green bins than meets the eye.  The more I have thought about it in recent days, the more confused I’ve become about what to recycle and what not to.

For those of you not there here are a few starters for ten…

  • If its a tub, pot, punnet or tray that is plastic and holds food and is not black – recycle
  • Glass and plastic bottles should be recycled with lids on
  • Clean foil should be scrunched into a ball and add bits to it to enlarge the ball and then recycle
  • ‘Stretchy plastic’ bags can be taken to  recycling points at the supermarket
  • Using plastic bags for lining food waste bins is ok as long as not bags for life
  • You can only recycle  glass bottles/jars that contain drinks/food ie no perfume bottles/drinking glasses

A few little gems for us to try and adhere to.

BANES recycling do have a facebook page, where I’m sure more information can be gleaned.

On a final note, it costs the council £1000 to dispose of a bin lorry of waste, whereas the contents of a recycling lorry can be sold for £100.

Thanks again Sarah for a great evening.

sarah george