I emailed Dale a couple of weeks ago and asked for a few words about himself and the garden at Dyrham….

Dale has worked in horticulture since his first head gardener role at 16. Before this, he had his first plot at 8yrs old and his first glasshouse from 12yrs.
While studying part time at Cannington College in Somerset, he worked for ten years on a private estate in Somerset developing a ten acre garden and running a fully working kitchen garden. dyrham3
His first National Trust job was 28 years ago at Hidcote Manor Garden in the Cotswolds. There, he helped lead the team and restore the historic garden.  Following this, in 1995 he joined the Dyrham team as sole Head Gardener with a vision of creating a new garden.  In 1998 he became garden and park manager taking, thus taking control of the


wider deer park and 18th century designed landscape.  Today, with a team of 7 and over 100 volunteers, not only does he care for 285 acres of parkland, formal garden and wider estate, but aims to create a wonderful experience for their 3/4 million annual visitors.

Having visited on numerous occasions, I can certainly vouch for that!  I’m sorry that I won’t be able to make it on Wednesday, but trust you will all have a great evening