For our first match, we played Compton.  6 of us drove over with none of us completely understanding the rules, but the Compton Gentlemen were very tolerant and kindly gave us tuition along the way.  4 games were played.  Tracy was our secret weapon and played a superb singles game, despite having a dodgy ankle.  We play 2 doubles, 1 trebles and 1 singles.  The pistes weren’t as slick as the Larkhall ones, but everyone was playing under the same conditions, though I guess that they were more used to their home ground – and that’s our excuse and I’m sticking to it!  Lindsay started her game with a stiff gin and tonic. I forgot to ask her if she thought it helped.  Compton taught us about ‘pointers’ and ‘shooters’ and the importance of watching other players play in terms of the lay of the piste and how it effects the run of a boule.


I have a long list of names with emails, for those who have expressed an interest in playing.   I promise to send more information in the next couple of days.  The email address for further enquiries is bathwiboules@gmail.com.