Having played 2 nights running, I feel completely ‘bouled over’!  We were looked after so well by the Larkhall Boules club.  30 of us braved the cold and learnt how to toss a boule, score and take on the odd bit of etiquette along the way.  Carey organised a competition for we novices, and amazingly, he managed to keep score and make sense of it all at the end of the evening.  The ‘bunny boilers’ won, though I’m not sure that was actually their name.   Still, they were very public spirited and took pity on we losers and shared their winning box of chocolates.  I think everyone would agree, it was a great evening and gave everyone the opportunity to mingle and make new friends as well as a new skill

Cary had fun trying to organise us, herding cats springs to mind!

If anyone is interested in playing then do get in touch.  We play every Thursday evening over the summer in the Bath Thursday League.  There are Home (Larkhall) & away games and we plan to have a rolling team so that everyone who wants to play can.  No skill is required, just plenty of enthusiasm and a sense of fun.