We had a great evening with Somerset Morris.  What an energetic group of ladies.  Barbara spoke to us about the history of Somerset Morris and other groups around the country.  En route we had a Stave Dance demonstration using a variety of historical Staves, swiftly followed by one using hankies!  The first recording of type of dance was in Spain in 1149!  Even today, the Basque Line Dance is the most similar to Morris as there is no physical contact other than via a slap or the use of a stick.   Without further ado,  the Morris ladies produce a bag of sticks and then there was no stopping the Bath WI.  We clattered and twirled to the accompanying fiddle, and amazingly, no-one appeared to suffer a black eye or bruised knuckles by the end of the evening.  Indeed, our usual business was put on hold while an extra dance was fitted in.  All in all, a great evening that everyone enjoyed.  We all headed home, slightly out of breath and I’m sure, a few ounces lighter.  Thank you Somerset Morris.