The Bath Buns, the Bath WI darts team, made their way to Keynsham last night to play in round 1 of the Avon Federation Darts Competition. Jo, Gabrielle and Karen were led by captain Paula, who was standing in for Rose (who we missed for her general darts know how as well as her brilliant ability to add up and subtract all at the same time – a scoring necessity!).

We arrived early intending to put in the practice we hadn’t quite done over the last few months, as well as get a round of drinks in and have a chat to the ladies from Mangotsfield WI. A few practice shots all hit the dart board so we decided to start the match while the going was good.

The first game started well with respectable scores from both teams. We raced down to the doubles stage and eventually reached the inevitable all needing a double 1 to finish. WI darts rules kicked in with 2 rounds of every dart counts. Just as Paula was beginning to panic that we would be facing the captain v captain closest dart to the bull situation, Karen hit the double 1 with the last dart of the match! 1-0 to us and time for another drink!

With the background noise of the skittles alley, Paula started game 2 with a high scoring 92. This was backed up with some solid 50s by Gabrielle and Jo. Once again it looked as if we might be heading for a doubles marathon, but with an eye on the clock Gabrielle decided to put us out of our misery and threw a fantastic double 3 to win us the game.

The pressure mounted in game 3 as we then had to take our turn in scoring. Paula and Karen wielded the chalk and did some complicated sums, congratulating those who scored easy to calculate numbers! Paula again opened with a brilliant 92 and there were some good scores from both teams. With 59 to go we definitely needed Rose to give instruction on what to aim for. However, with a 6 and then a 19 we did some maths and worked out that ‘all’ we needed was a double 17 to win. And to everyone’s astonishment, mostly her own, Karen hit it! Bring on round 2!

It was great to meet the team from Mangotsfield who forgave much slow working out of maths and were very friendly. We were uncertain whether the key to our success was our lack of practice, but decided that getting together in the pub for a drink and maybe some darts was fun anyway! Come and join us next time – Thursday 8th March from 7.30 at the Pulteney Arms on Daniel Street.