Paxton and Whitfield Bath’s website, describes its self as  ‘A light, bright shop with a stunning window and views towards Queen Square, this shop is undoubtedly one of the experiences that should be incorporated into any trip to this World Heritage City. Situated in one of the charming buildings of the city centre, what the shop lacks in floor space it makes up for in abundant cheese and a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from the team. A real jewel of a shop that leads its customers in their quest for the ideal cheese with humour and passion and a good deal of tasting’.

bath P&W

Did you know ?

Paxton & Whitfield was one of the pioneers to introduce Stilton to London society.-Blue-Stilton

Well, if all this isn’t enough to wet your appetite for November’s meeting, I don’t know what is!  We have waited nigh on 18 months for the confirmation of Paxton and Whitfield’s visit and I’m sure it will be second to none.  The lovely Mark and Philippe (with one L and 2 Ps) are going to come and speak to us about the business and make a few recommendations for christmas and advise us how to store these delicacies in order for us to savour them at their best.  So come along.  Be tempted by these creamy cheeses which will be complemented by biscuits and pickles from the P&W range of goodies.  Hopefully, Great Western Wines will be making some great suggestions for wines to enhance the flavour of these cheeses.  All in all, in true Bath WI fashion, a great evening to look forward to!