Our own, lovely Sue Deere is going to come and lead us on how to make christmas stockings for our Christmas trees.  I gather a team of ladies were busy last week cutting out felt in preparation for the big event.  Each Christmas Bath WI members can donate a small gift to the ladies of Bath’s Women’s Refuge and usually, prior to dispatch, we try and hang them on our Christmas tree at the December meeting before the tree goes to the United Reform Church Christmas tree trail and from there to the refuge.  We thought that perhaps this year, we could use our lovingly made Christmas stockings, to put the presents in and hang them on our tree.  Of course, it’s not obligatory and if you can’t bear the thought of parting with your bag, we won’t make you!  After all, you could make another one at home to use on the WI tree!

xmas tree 2                                     xmas tree 3                              xmas tree 4


I can’t believe that it’s only September and here I am messing about with pictures of Christmas trees!  Anyway, on a more serious note, we also have our AGM, when we will be voting for committee members and hearing about a year in the life of The Bath WI