Mandy Workman, Education Manager, from the Institution of  Engineering & Technology  is going to talk about the Lego League programmes for both the 6-9yrs and the 9-16yrs age group  and show a couple of videos. Indeed, the International Open Championship in Bath took place earlier this summer, when over 90 teams from 35 countries across the world took part, bringing together 700 children (11-16 year olds) and 500 teachers and mentors. The competitors  showcased their skills in construction, programming, real world problem-solving and presentation of ideas and solutions, while also sharing their culture, core values, making friends and having fun!

lego Mandy will bring a few of the resources down with her we can see what equipment the children use. She will also explain how well the programme inspires young people and gets them interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. Girls are specifically targeted to become involved in engineering as currently, less than 9% of engineers are women.  Mandy will answer any questions and hopefully open it up for a more informal chat as well.

The attached link will give you more of an ideas as to what the lego league is all about:

I really hope you will find Mandy’s presentation interesting.  It’s something that will get you thinking and talking about what you have heard and learnt.  It’s important for us all to understand current educational ‘pushes’ so that we can encourage our own children and grandchildren to consider a STEM career.