Thursday evening saw our regular gathering at the Pulteney Arms for darts.
A good turn out of six meant a run of three games for us all.
Jo kindly imparted her knowledge gained from a Dave Alred talk the previous evening, and although much of it was probably relating to rugby we attempted to transfer the ‘tips’ to darts. 

 The power of positivity, planting our feet firmly on the ground and focusing on one tiny place on the target.  We all gave it a go and with an extra loop the loop with her dart Karen managed to close out two of the games with double one.


A fun evening had by all ended with a good chin wag around a very large table.
Next darts evening will be on Thursday 8th June, 19.30 hrs Pulteney Arms.
All welcome, the more the merrier.

May the darts be with you
Rose 🌹 🎯