What an amazing evening we had last night.  Zoe Page, plant manager at Hiller Garden Centre Bath came to speak to us about unusual plant combinations to put in containers.  Wow, did she bring a lot of plants with her.  All were carefully manoeuvred into her little white Corsa!  She gleefully tossed Latin names at us, liberally sprinkled with plenty of enthusiasm and knowledge. Of note, chief gardening guru, Kitty was probably one of few who actually understood the Latin terminology.  However, we were all awed by her colour schemes and ideas of what to do with a broken pot or adding birch twigs to a container to add height.  I especially loved her ‘zen’ pot with the flowering cherry, white stones and small rock.  For me it was perfect even though Zoe felt there should be a third item in the display.


It transpires that Zoe has been on the Chelsea Team for the last 5 years and would love to come and speak to us later in the year about this year’s garden.   How lucky are we!  The very thought of it, is enough to make me want to join Basil in one of his mad laps around the house!

I asked Zoe to let me have a list of those ‘Latin’ names so that we can add them to this summer’s shopping list.  So, whether you use the crematorium or Lidls as a reference to get to Hillier Garden Centre Bath, have a lovely shop and remember Zoe’s kind offer to take you garden bed measurements and Hillier  can plan your own ‘Chelsea garden’.

Of note, I did do latin at school for 3 years – amo, amas, amat, or actually should I say

‘Amamus Hillier Garden Centre Bath’!

Thanks again Zoe.  Hopefully, we’ll see you later in the year, and don’t forget that list of Latin names please!