Shane Jordan came to speak to us last night about food waste and how to minimalise it.  He spoke about the Government initiative,  love food hate waste ( and on looking at the website, you can say what left over food you have in your kitchen and you will be provided with a recipe!  Having just typed this, when I tried the search it didn’t seem to work.   Shane is clearly very innovative and had a suggestion of boiling banana skins and then turning them into something akin to a curry!  He was very enthusiastic and passionate about his subject and highlighted the shaneimportance of the difference between ‘use by dates’ and ‘best before dates’.  He also spoke about making the best use of our freezers and rotating foods in cupboards.  Hands up, the latter is something that perhaps I’m not very good at!  He brought a pile of leaflets, recipes and some spaghetti measurers.  Jess, our treasurer, was a little sceptical on the smallness of one portion of spaghetti.

Shane introduced us to a few apps – luckily, we ladies of Bath WI are technically savvy.  I tried the ‘too good to go’ app, which took you to restaurants selling food off cheaply at the end of the day.  I’ve sent the link to my 3 youngsters for testing, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, pre-Christmas, I did see a sign on the side of a bus audience-participationhighlighting that 7.5million mince pies are wasted every Christmas.  I googled this fact last night and came up with an interesting website on what to do with some of those festive left overs.  The company are called Olleco and they take cooking oil and food waste and convert them into renewable energy instead of merely throwing it away.  They also have some neat recipes for those left over mince pies.  0ops, guess who found a couple lurking in a cake tin this evening?  Enjoy!