31969409372_9cb94fb1f2_nWe all had a great evening with Julia.  Upon looking for a volunteer, the lovely Victoria took to the front and helped Julia to demonstrate mindfulness.  By imagining yourself as a tree and sending your roots down deep enables you to find a hidden stability and thus find it easier to speak out.

Despite being petite herself, Julia showed us how anyone is able to project their voice with good effect and how to best use hands to compliment themselves when speaking to others.  It was decided that hands in pockets was a no, but if you felt uncomfortable wafting them about in the air, then holding them in front of you with finger tips touching would suffice – a bit Prince Charles like!  Now we know why he does just that.

Julia highlighted the importance of being able to relax not only our bodies, but also our voices.  We thus practised a few vocal chords to enable words to come out slowly and clearly.  We spent a therapeutic 5 mins tapping and gently slapping our own bodies from feet to head, to stimul31969413582_1c658e61e1_nate nerve endings and thus increasing confidence within ourselves.   Julia stressed the importance of knowing your subject to help your confidence and that power point was a big no no unless there was so much factual information that nothing else would suffice.

So, all eyes will be on our gorgeous president Jess as she delivers her monthly pitch at our February meeting.  Will her voice waver, will she put her hands in her pocket?  None of these.  She will be as perfect as ever!