The above quote was made by Jackie Kennedy and if said by such a fashion icon it surely must be true!

Andrew Manders came to speak to us last night about diamonds but was easily side tracked by the lovely ladies of Bath WI and a lot of time was spent debating pearls and their attributes.  I was certainly horrified to learn that a quick spray of perfume would damage the lustre of pearls, and that you should let perfume dry on the skin before slipping pearls around your neck.

Andrew, general manager of Mallory Jewellers, is a diamond grader and a gemologist.  He has been with trish-pearlsMallory’s for 25 years.   He is incredibly knowledgeable and wowed us with information on how pearls are formed and which are the best pearls to buy.  Andrew brought just a few ‘little items’ with him.  One pearl necklace at over £7000, left us speechless.  Trish very kindly models it for us in this picture!

Andrew answered some questions for us about how to age diamonds.  Interestingly, diamonds are aged by examining the cut and depth of the stone.  Andrew looked at a WI member’s solitaire ring and advised that it was probably Victorian.

Andrew encouraged all of us to visit Mallory Jewellers.  We need to be brave and press that buzzer on the door. Andrew kindly told us that if we needed a ring cleaning they would do it for free and check the setting for damage at the same time.  For someone who has recently lost, and thankfully found a missing diamond from a ring, I would strongly recommend getting ring settings checked!


jess-pearls1-docxHere’s a little snap of Jess sizing up one of the pearl necklaces.  Who knows if she’s going to put it on her Christmas list?

Anyway, a big thank you to Andrew for such an entertaining evening and we look forward to the next time he pays Bath WI a visit.