Emma Britton of BBC Radio Bristol, came along to our September meeting and gave us an insight into the world of local BBC radio.  She started with her amazing rise to fame, from a fitness instructor, via broadcast assistant, to presenter of the the flagship morning show of the 6th largest local radio station, not to mention being the 3rd solo female to host the breakfast show.

Emma feels quite strongly that more emphasis should be put on happy positive news and less on death and destruction, though acknowledged that it is the later that captures the public’s attention.  She spoke about the pleasure she gets from reporting local stories, heroic tales of ordinary people, who’s achievements she finds so humbling, but fill her with wonder and amazement.

She cited the morning after the Brexit election and how the unexpected turn of events had resulted, as you can imagine, in a lot of last minute re-scripting for that morning’s show.  Indeed, being able to think on your feet and ad lib at a moment’s notice is a definite requirement for the job, hence the ‘wrap it up, that’s enough’ quote.   She was pleased that she had tomorrows ad libbing sorted – her evening at Bath WI.  Hopefully, some of the members might have caught up with her on this mornings show and heard what she really thought about a Bath wi meeting.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that Emma was a great speaker.  She is fun, yet down to earth and it was a pleasure to host her.  I’m sure members of Bath WI will be tuning in to see what breakfast on Radio Bristol (who covers Bath, North Somerset, South Glos and Bristol) is all about.  Suggestions for the renaming of Radio Bristol to encompass all the areas, on a postcard addressed to Emma Britton, Breakfast Show…………