What a night we had at the British Legion Keynsham for the semi-final against Frampton Cotterell!
Team – Rose, Gabrielle, Paula, Karen
Lucky mascot – Tracy
We arrived to see our opponents and their supporters in matching T shirts so were instantly on the back foot as we hadn’t coordinated our outfits. They’d brought their dogs as well which perhaps wasn’t a good idea as they barked a lot once the skittles match got underway. So what with the barking dogs, the football on the big screen, the darts on the not-so-big screen and a bar full of people, I was very proud of the team for managing to concentrate at all.
Game 1:
We took an early lead with some high scores – including a 64 for Paula and a 67 for Karen – before Rose hit the double 1 on her first attempt, to take the game. 1-nil to us
Game 2:
They started much stronger as we were all a bit giddy at having the lead. Karen’s 61 couldn’t save us from FC storming through to finish on a double 8. 1 all.
Game 3:
This was a tense game. Rose was a force to be reckoned scoring a 63, 74 and an 81, aided by Gabrielle’s 60. Rose then took the game with her trusty double 1. We were back in the lead. 2-1.
After a short Guinness/lager/crisps break we were back. This is when conditions got difficult as the noisy skittles/dogs barking started…
Game 4:
Rose pulled a colossal 96 out of the bag despite her new vari-focal specs getting in the way, but FC had stormed through to win on a double 7. 2-2!
Game 5:
The excitement! The tension! I had to hide behind my clip board and take my cardie off.
Our girls started well but were just unlucky in ending up with a succession of odd numbers to hit (which takes two accurate darts to finish) while FC were on evens, needing only one dart. Everyone was nervous and anyone from either team could have finished and taken their team to glory. We ended up down to needing double 1 so tiebreak rules applied where each player has three darts to hit it – it was like Russian Roulette but with less peril. In the end it was our own Gabrielle who held her nerve and took the double 1 to take us through. 3-2 (well done if you’ve read all the way down to here for the result!)
Yes, everyone, we are the Leicester City of the Avon darts league and against all odds, we are now in the final which will take place on Friday June 24th at Coalpit Heath Cricket Club BS36 2TT. The hippies/rock chicks among you will have spotted that this clashes with Glastonbury. I’ve contacted Glastonbury to see if they’ll re-arrange but they can’t because they’ve already ordered the portaloos. This means we are without the amazing Paula and Karen (who will be even further than Glastonbury:  abroad)! So PLEASE someone volunteer to join the squad – Rose and Gabrielle are brilliant and hopefully can win it despite me as third player but we still need a fourth if Wendy isn’t back from cruising!