Gordon gave me a very brief resume to promote his talk next Wednesday, 4th May 2016! He is an Auctioneer and Valuer at the Chippenham & Berkshire Auction Rooms and is also kept busy on the Charity Auction circuit.  He’s  appeared in episodes of the ‘Antiques Road Trip’ and ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is…’  Clearly no stranger to fame.Richard II groat

Furthermore, a secret source tells me that a few years ago, Gordon identified correctly that this piece of beaten-metal is none other than a Richard II silver groat!  The debate was whether it was Richard the III or II.

Gordon is going to speak to us about ‘His Life as an Auctioneer’ and ‘How to Spot Fakes’!  I’m sure it will prove to be a fun evening.  Not sure whether he will feel the need to bring his auction gavel to keep us in order….