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At our April meeting Jane Moore, head gardener at The Priory, told us about their NGS open garden day, which was today. When Karen arrived with friends, including new member Sam, Kitty was already there and it had started to rain. They moved Jane’s table and leaflets to the shelter of a tree, to exclamations of how wonderful it was to be organised by the WI! Sue brought the sunshine with her and joined Jean, Kitty and Gaye and lovely little Thea. A little later we spotted Trish and her friend, in fact at every turn in the path there was another Bath WI member!

The Bath Priory open garden - 10

It was great to see in situ the planting Jane talked about.

The fountain was really mesmerising…whatever our age!

The rain clouds rolled away, leaving a beautiful Spring afternoon

The garden was full of inspiration…

…and opportunities for chase and hide and seek…

The Bath Priory open garden - 21

…as well as peace and quiet to contemplate life.

The Bath Priory open garden - 25

One of the wonderful things about being a WI member is that it feels like a duty to try any cake on offer and we are pleased to offer our approval of the Priory’s carrot and lemon cakes!

Karen didn’t realise how enormous the cake was and had a whole slice to herself…while Sue and Jean were rather more restrained and shared a piece (actually Karen may have made the better decision – it was very yummy!)

The Bath Priory open garden - 34