Just to let you know that the Bath Buns, our very own WI darts team, travelled to the wilds of Keynsham British Legion to play the lovely ladies of Mangotsfield yesterday evening, and emerged triumphant.
In a best of five, we won three in a row. Karen secured the first game by hitting the elusive double one with the very last dart under tie break rules before captain’s bullseye. Rose finished game 2 with 35 to go with a 7, double 14. After a short beer break and chat with the opposition, we showed no mercy with a quick third and final game which Gabrielle clinched on a double 2 finish.
So that sends us off into the next round, which is the SEMI-FINAL! (We’re slightly over-excited as well as quite surprised!)
After the fine gentlemen of the British Legion persuaded us to join their line-dancing extravaganza til the wee small hours, and of course the traditional Bath WI darts conga round the Tesco car park, we decided we were too exhausted for darts practice this Thursday. If anyone is desperate to throw some darts this Thursday, let me know and I will reinstate it. However we do seem to be doing quite well without practice!
Regards to all
Tracy x