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Its March, the beginning of a New Year in the Bath Women’s Institute Edible Garden !    Its been a long, wet, winter, the Garden has drunk its fill, and now its looking forward to some dry, warm Spring days.  Everywhere around it, in the Botanical Gardens, the snowdrops, daffodils and pretty little wood anemones are cheering us all up; the birds are singing,  and summer plans are in the air !

garden march 2016 1

Yes, we have lots of fun vegetables, herbs, and flowers planned, for 2016   The Garden had such a wonderful time last year, with the Women’s Institute Centenary, that this year it wants to let its hair down and go for lots of colour and bling !   ( and that’s just the vegetables ! )

And there, at the front,  are two Giant Pumpkins !   The biggest, brightest, and roundest pumpkins in the whole wide world !  We are going to cram them into a very small space, but the Garden Gurus love a challenge !       So, as they say,   ‘Watch this space ! ‘

garden march 2016 2

Pumkins are native to North America, the oldest seeds, dating between 7000 & 5500 BC  were found in Mexico. The name comes from the Greek for ‘ large melon’. As its 92% water, us Gurus will be on a mission to keep it well supplied !   Do you remember that Pumpkin Juice is often drunk, in Harry Potter,  by the Students at Hogwarts ?   And of course there is that lovely fairy Godmother in Cinderella, who turned a pumpkin into her beautiful carriage.     We hope that our pumpkins will be just as much fun.                         Soon it will be time to dig over the Garden,   get our seeds germinating, and  dream of the happy times ahead.

Kitty Lambah