I’m pleased to report that Bath Buns won their match last night and we were so tired out by the celebratory conga all the way back from Saltford that we thought we’d give Thursday’s practice a miss.  In a tight best of five match against WI sports and leisure stalwarts Stanton Drew, the team did us proud.

The line up was Captain Rose, Paula, newbie Wendy and Gabrielle. Karen and I added up the scores very slowly and ate pretzels and were diplomatically encouraging. Captain Rose got nearest the bull to start the first game but, in the shortest game of the evening, Stanton Drew sped down ahead of us and Doreen hit that old nasty double 1 to win while we were still on 93. But we were just getting into our stride as Game 2 was much more evenly matched. Stanton Drew narrowly missed a shot at double 8 and Gabrielle hit double 2 to take the game. The atmosphere was getting tense – one game all and Stanton Drew had thought they had it in the bag.

In game three we were higher scoring and got down to the sharp end more quickly. But then we met our nemesis of double 8 which slowed us up before both teams needed double 2 to win and take the lead. This time Paula went for glory and hit the double. 2 : 1 to Bath.

After a quick round of drinks and more pretzels for me, we went into the crucial 4th game, knowing that if we won this, we had the match. Stanton Drew got down to potential finishes quickly but we were thwarted by trying for double 16 then double 5. Both teams ended up needing double 1 for the first time and the WI tie break rules kicked in. Captain Rose delivered on the double 1 taking the score to 3:1 and securing the victory for Bath, knocking out a tournament heavyweight, Stanton Drew.

Top three breaks were Rose (72 and 65) and Paula (66).

Great team effort all round and a warm welcome to newbie Wendy who was amazingly able to hit the numbers Rose asked her to get. Thanks to Karen for stepping down so Wendy could have her first match and for scoring with me. I need to get better at adding up and deducting numbers from 501 but we did learn that we are not allowed to use a calculator if chalking up!

Spurred on by victory the girls joined in with quiz night at the Bird in the Hand and were in a commendable 3rd position when we had to retire gracefully half way through to get home to get our pyjamas on. (We certainly need to brush up on our Elvis songs and highway code signs if we’re going to go quizzing again!).

I’ve reported the score to WI darts HQ but it will be at least a month before we hear what our next match will be in this knockout tournament.  But well done all!

Tracy x