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Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

That was a pretty amazing evening yesterday!  It will be hard to beat that over the rest of 2016 – and I missed the first half of the talk due to ice cream scooping duty!  The ice cream that Dawn brought with her was completely unexpected, but definitely was the ‘cherry on the sundae’ for me and hopefully, you!


Where to begin?  Dawn was funny, knowledgeable, inspirational and came across as an all-round ‘good egg’.  I’m not sure where all the energy she exuded came from – balancing such a thriving business (turnover last year of £5million) with speaking at schools and still having the energy to dash home last night in time to help her 16yr old with English homework!  We were very lucky to have her speak as normally she doesn’t ‘do’ WIs.


Dawn’s story about her husband driving up the M4 in his truck with a freezer strapped on to the back at ‘crack of sparrows’ in order to deliver ice cream to Hampton Court Palace created an unbelievable image of subterfuge and to finally get ‘nicked’ by the police early one morning and lose a freezer worth of delicious Marshfield ice cream – a travesty!


The Marshfield ‘empire’ sounds truly amazing.  They are organic and try to source as many local ingredients as possible.  Just to remind you that the butchers in Larkhall stocks a good range of ice cream (various sized tubs) and of course you can also buy it in the Marshfield Farm parlour at weekends, from Easter to the end of September or you can purchase throughout the week at any time of year by prior arrangement.


Dawn is currently in negotiations with Waitrose regarding stocking Marshfield ice cream.  Might I suggest that every time we cross Waitrose’s  threshold, we all enquire as to in which freezer we might find Marshfield ice cream?  Who knows, they might just get the hint!