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What a lovely day for a Clearathon  !       Mild,  dry,  and sunny !  Perfect  !   So  four Garden Gurus found themselves  snipping and clipping,   digging and delving,   clearing and decluttering,  planting and pruning,    and  generally  beautifying the Garden,  all ready for the winter frosts !      Those tasty Dahlias are going to spend the winter under a cosy mulch of compost and wood chippings;    a few colourful  Rainbow Chard are remaining to sparkle with jewel-like shards of frost and snow;   and some stately leeks have stayed to show off their beautiful round seed heads !    Even though winter is here the Garden still surprises us with its herbs, flowers and vegetables  determined to make the most of themselves, and enjoy defying the onset of the chilly weather !    But that’s whats wonderful about nature, isn’t it ?