Well, what a fun evening belly dancing proved to be!  Wafaa was entertaining, not only in the practical session that we did, but also in telling us about her family, growing up in Lebanon and how she was introduced to this traditional dance.  She was a primary school teacher in Lebanon during the 1975 war before moving to Trowbridge after her marriage to a Brit – a whole other evening’s talk in itself. She also highlighted that belly dancing is a women’s dance originally used for the alleviation of birth and period pain. It was a dance done by women for women and, although it is now done by men as well, she was adamant that they can’t do it as well! And it not only tones the body and promotes good posture but uplifts the spirit.

Wafaa taught us a routine and once we had the basics, there was no stopping us!  We threw away any inhibitions and were as one with our hip thrusting, foot kicking and, of course, Shimmying!  I’m not sure the church hall has ever hosted such a session as we gyrated around the room shaking our dancing belts and jangling away.  As ever, much laughter, new friendships made and who knows, a future expert Belly Dancer in our midst?  We all certainly left in high spirits.

Wafaa has her own website (http://www.dancingflavours.co.uk) which not only promotes her Belly Dancing classes, but also her other great passion, Lebanese cooking classes and evenings.  Do get in touch with her if you would like more information or to attend a class. She runs belly dancing classes every Monday 11-12 at Oriel Hall if you’ve been inspired. And if you would like to see more of her amazing dancing, she is appearing in the Bradford on Avon multi-cultural concert at the Wiltshire Music Centre on 15th November. This is a celebration of all the cultures we have in the local area and is very popular so please contact them to book a ticket.

A huge thank you to the brilliant Wafaa for an amazing evening – shimmy, shimmy, shimmy!