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October is our grown up, serious month and time for our AGM. There will be a review of the year’s events as well as an examination of our finances. It is also time to vote for President! Members will be able to vote for re-election of officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as for committee members.

garden party 201571As well as the usual sign up sheets for craft workshops and book club, Kitty will be bringing some of the garden produce, as seen on TV (I couldn’t resist!), to the meeting. Please help yourself, donations going towards the buying of plants for next year’s garden.

potato dig20And to continue the horticultural theme we’ll then be moving on to the topic of pumpkins! Sarah Lowden, ex-President and pumpkin carver extraordinaire, will be giving top tips for pumpkin lanterns that will be the envy of your neighbours! Have a look at some her previous creations. We’ll be providing some pre-scooped pumpkins for team carving as well as templates and ideas aplenty, although for the more creative among you please feel free to improvise! If you have a suitable but not too lethal knife then do bring it along to the meeting. And we’ll be having a lights-off lantern showing at the end.

And some tips for your at-home carving:
After you’ve cut the top off to make your lid, scoop the seeds and flesh out with a metal spoon or a sturdy icecream scoop.
The seeds can be roasted – wash them, spread them on a baking tray with any favourite spices/sea salt/chilli and a glug of oil, roast them for 10 minutes or so, allow them to cool and then eat them or store them in an airtight container.
Why not try spiced pumpkin soup with toasted pumpkin seed croutons if you’re feeling ambitious – have a look at this Jamie Oliver recipe http://www.jamieoliver.com/…/…/glorious-roasted-pumpkin-soup.
Or pick up one of the Soup Kitchen’s pumpkin soup recipe cards at the meeting.
And there’s always pumpkin pie – http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1742633/pumpkin-pie!