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Thank you to everyone for delicious and prolific baking for our cake stall on Saturday – we think we made £264, but should probably count it again when we are on less of a sugar high..!

The weather had some wet and blustery moments but the gazebo didn’t blow away. We were a little later getting started than planned due to traffic (forgot about the university open day, Jane Austen Festival and a race meet at Bath racecourse) but we had a great group waiting to set up. Thanks to Paula for organising the putting together of the gazebo and to Sally’s Dave for helping set it up (particularly after Sally tried so hard to get the rest of the committee to listen when she said she had a gazebo that just concertinaed out and was much easier to put up than the one we used…*blush*).

We were a little hidden behind the Bath Gin van, but the nice people in Top Shop let us prop our chalk board against their front pillar (in exchange for a plate of cakes), and we got to pose as the Bath Gin Jane Austen…although we forgot to wink!

We had lots of happy customers (and some disappointed dogs)…

cake sale08…and one of our best workers was young Harry who was very professional and a great saleswoman (and edible glitter sprinkler).

It was so nice the number of people who asked if we were the WI from Gardners’ World the night before – and lots of ladies took away our card with details of when and where we meet and our website address.

cake sale06