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Its been such an exciting month;   a month of contrasts in so many ways.   The weather has thrown everything at our little Garden; high winds, rain, warmth and cold, and lovely periods of non stop sunshine that made the soil dry and thirsty.   And the garden has thrived !  gardening1

The winds came, and we staked the leaning tall angelicas and hollyhocks, the short drought arrived and we watered ( with some help from the kind Botanical gardeners ). Those enterprising snails found our runner beans and lettuces, but we rushed to protect them, and the blackfly enjoyed a short vacation on the angelica before we had words with them, and they went elsewhere !   Lovely thymes cuddled up too closely to the new WI Centenary rose, but a fashionable haircut made both of them happy, and the grove of tomatoes, which got a bit of a surprise by its sudden change of scene, settled down nicely and put out new bright green shoots.

gardening2Our lovely garden has risen ( literally ) to the occasion and completely excelled itself ! The rainbow chard is beautiful, it just never stops growing, and the contrasting bright reds, oranges and yellows of its tall stalks glow brightly amongst the surrounding green plants. The dahlias too, are bright and cheerful, flowering before anything else, and the bees love them. They are single flowers, which are perfect for the bees, as they can reach the pollen easily.       The peas have filled their willow domes right to the top, and yes, the first pea has arrived !     The little welsh vegetable patch is doing well; the leeks are filling out, and the potatoes, ( are they supposed to be that tall ? ! ) are a pink flowering variety, and are about to come into bloom.       June is the month for roses, and our Rosa New Dawn is a mass of beautiful soft pink flowers,   soon to be joined by the contrasting colour of those iconic marigolds of ours, and the white feathery flowers on the mass of fennel that is now making a lovely backdrop to the bench. The ‘bubbles’ of camomile are about to burst into flower, and hopefully the nasturtiums are too, in time for the garden party, and the judging by Bath in Bloom.

gardeningGardening is not an exact art, but our wonderful talented Garden Gurus have taken the design, and turned it into reality; a busy, bustling, little patch that brings a lot of pleasure to the hundreds of visitors who watch its progress with interest.   No apologies are necessary for waxing a little lyrical here; June is a really ‘happening’ month in the garden, and plants lift the spirits, and bring us all so much pleasure in a busy world.