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April in the garden is such a happy time, and our Gardening Gurus cant wait to fill every corner with their colourful ‘happenings‘. The garden knew that it was going to get lots of attention, and loves the new arrivals; the sweet peas, leeks, potatoes, hollyhocks and lots more !      And now that the beautiful Ironart bench has been washed, scrubbed, and repainted, the haven feels even more special.

21 april 1

Our Rainbow Chard Charmer has grown dozens of beautiful plants, which will form a stunning rainbow of colour in front of the bench.      Chard is one of the most healthful vegetables available, has been around for centuries, being first written about in 1753, and is a cultivated descendant of the sea beet.    Our visitors love to photograph its deeply ridged leaves, and glowing colourful stalks.

april 21 2 tick

We are lucky that our friend Su, has arrived to weave a lovely necklace of willow crescents around the garden.    Beauty and practicality, the perfect combination !


The Camomile in the bath is ready to send its pretty daisy-like flowers bubbling upwards. This very special herb was used in ancient Egypt as a cure for many ailments including fever, and the crushed flowers were rubbed on the skin as a cosmetic. It was brought to England by a botanist who found it growing wild in the Coliseum. It helps to ease stress and insomnia and many of us enjoy a cup of soothing camomile tea.

21 april 3

The Garden loves to be busy, and is relishing the hustle and bustle of new planting, the vigour of the herbs, who are loving this hot dry weather, and the feeling of renewal and anticipation that abounds at this time of year.