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Ladies – have you ever fancied skydiving? Well this is your chance! Bath Carers’ Centre is looking for three ladies to bring their team up to the required six…details from Bath Carers Centre provided below:


Carers Centre Skydive 2015

We are looking for 6 willing daredevils willing to join us for a sponsored skydive on Saturday July 4th 2015. If you think this might be you, read our FAQ’s below for more information and get in touch if you want to sign up!

Where will the Skydive take place?

Netheravon Airfield, near Salisbury. This is about 1 hour from Bath.

How much do I need to fundraise?

You must raise a minimum of £395 to be able to participate in the jump. This is figure set by Skyline, the company organising the jump. This covers the cost of your jump (approx. £255) and a contribution towards the Carers’ Centre. Anything you raise over £255 will go towards supporting our vital work with carers so the more you raise the better!

How can I raise this?

The Carers’ Centre will help you by:

  • Helping you set up a Just Giving page to raise money online from friends and family. This takes all the hassle out of collecting money; it comes straight to the Carers’ Centre and donors can even add Gift Aid to make their donation go further
  • Giving you sponsorship forms so you can raise money offline for those who don’t want to give online.
  • Helping promote the skydive through Facebook; Twitter & our website
  • Giving you tools and tips about raising sponsorship through your networks.

Does the Skydive cost me anything?

No. When you book your dive, you are charged an £70 booking fee. You can recover this from any offline sponsorship you undertake. When you turn up at the airfield you need to bring the remaining £325. £185 goes to the airfield, and the rest is given to the Carers’ Centre. If you have raised money online, you simply need to bring evidence of the amount you have raised. You will not be able to jump if you have not raised at least £395.

Can I jump on a different date to 6th June?

Yes. We are arranging a group jump on 6th June to ensure that there is lots of support for all the skydivers. We will be arranging a minibus of support and it will be nicer for those going up in the plane to have friendly faces around. However, if this date doesn’t work for you and you still want to jump, just let us know! We can accommodate this.

What happens if I decide not to jump?

We understand that things can change for people. If you decide not to jump, you must tell us and the airfield as soon as possible. The jump can be cancelled but you will lose the £70 booking fee. You can give your place to someone else to allow them to jump in your place to save this cost.

What happens if I don’t raise £395?

If you don’t raise the money, you can’t jump. BUT you can decide to postpone your jump to give yourself more time to raise the total. You need to give the airfield at least 1 months’ notice that you wish to postpone and choose a new date. This will incur no charge. Postponing after this date may incur a small admin charge. If you decide you can’t raise the money and are not going to jump at all, you will forfeit the £70 booking fee as above.

Where do I sign up?

If you’ve read all of this and are up for the challenge, email Janine.woodward-grant@banescarerscentre.org.uk and we’ll sign you up to our daredevil team!

If you have further questions after reading this information sheet, please ring Janine on 01761 431388 and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Thank You!