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Well we’ve had our first darts match against last year’s champions, the steely Timsbury ladies and as expected we lost 3-1 but acquitted ourselves well against a strong team. Sally’s double 3 to take the first game will go down in the history of Bath Buns as a classic especially as she had cunningly lulled them into a false sense of security by missing the board completely a few times before.

Bath buns match11We sensed a change in atmosphere from the Timsbury ladies and a tightening of resolve from the reigning champions not to go out to a bunch of no-hopers. Maybe we shouldn’t have paraded Sally on our shoulders round the pub and conga-ed down Daniel Street because they took advantage of us being all of a tizzy and brought their A game to claw back eventual victory by actually being good at darts.

All in all, a good start.

Many thanks to able scorers Lindsay and Andrea who did an excellent job- including sorting out a recount. Finally thanks to Karen’s husband Lee and his cheer leading routine. It was very brave of him to chant and wave pompoms in a packed pub.

Don’t forget our next practice on Thursday 9th April – email thebathwi@gmail.com if you fancy coming along!