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It is March, the weather is warm and sunny, and the Bath WI Edible garden has woken refreshed from its winter slumbers, and is ready to get busy ! There is lots to do; the Garden Team have dug, cleared, tidied, and turned the soil, all ready for planting. A four legged friend has come to inspect their work, give advice, and try out the stepping stones that were laid last year.


Our Garden Gurus have created and planted our beautiful new sign. 004

The sign tells the visitors about the garden, welcomes them, invites them to relax on the lovely bench, and hopes that they enjoy the peace, and the plants. 001

Our Dahlia Diva is pleased with her new proteges; and has brought along one of her mature Dahlias from last year who is keen to show off her beautiful tubers and be an inspiration to the new arrivals.

005 Dahlias are natives of the high plains of Mexico, and were an important food source, tasting like a cross between carrots, celery and potatoes. The Aztecs used them to treat epilepsy, and the long hollow stalks of the tallest dahlias made useful water pipes. The plant came to Europe over 200 years ago and were then named after a famous botanist, Anders Dahl. The Victorians thought it was very beautiful, wanted it in their flower borders, and it has been used for its flowers ever since.


The garden is full of plans for the summer, and loving all the attention its getting; Spring is in the air!