March 2015 meeting1A huge thank you to Zach McAllister and Clarence the skeleton for a hugely interesting and informative Chiropractic talk at the March meeting. We all uncrossed our legs and sat a little straighter as we heard about the history and remit of Chiropractic. It is a holistic approach to the musculoskeletal system and the way it impacts on the rest of the body including the nervous system. Zach explained that there was some overlap between osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic, which all rely to an extent on manipulation. Chiropracters do have a special emphasis on the spine but Zach is a specialist on extremities, including shoulders and knees, as well.

March 2015 meeting2His top back tips were very practical. Try to lift any weight close to the body keeping your back in a neutral shape, so not bending it either back or forwards – think about keeping a gorilla’s posture (sadly we didn’t manage to get a photo of Zach demonstrating gorilla posture!). When gardening have a few jobs on the go so you can move between them. This means you can move around and also exercise different muscles in turn. Sit up straight at your desk! And crossing your legs puts your body out of alignment so putting pressure on different parts of your spine. The one that made us all look a little sheepish was the ban on slouching on the sofa for the evening – a little slouching is acceptable but it’s important to move around in between times. The main message was to think about your back and to try to avoid the repetitive twists and strains that cumulatively add up to a bad back.

March 2015 meeting3Chiropracters can help with everything from sore necks to dodgy knees! Zach very kindly offered a WI discount if you would like to see him. He works at the Apthorp Centre in Weston, Bath – 01225 423333;