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DSC_0001It’s January 2015, the weather is cold, the ground is wet and the Bath WI edible garden is very happy! It is having a lovely Winter break, relishing the period of frosts and enjoying the reviving West Country rain.

There is a busy year ahead, this being the centenary of the Women’s Institute in Britain, and the garden is looking forward to the new plans for its own part in the celebrations.

Scan 1One of the plants already on its starting blocks is the herb Angelica. So named after the Angel that appeared ti a monk in a dream many centuries ago, revealing to him that the herb could cure the plague, and thus being know as angelica ever since.

angelicaIt is a peaceful time to be tending the garden, with a chance to trim the rosemary hedges without interference from those limelight loving marigolds or racy radishes! The rosemary now has a chance to grow and expand and show off its two horseshoe shapes that define each end of the garden.

Scan 2For the moment it’s a chance for rest and renewal and to let the frost settle on the remaining vegetables and herbs forming a glittering kaleidoscope in the Winter sunshine.