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We had an excellent turnout for our December meeting last night when award-winning baker and food hero Richard Bertinet came to talk to the Bath WI. When we say talk to, we mean it…it will be a brave woman who uses table salt instead of sea salt again, our bread machines will be banished to the loft (or wrapped up and given away as wedding presents, as we were encouraged to do!), our bread will not be kneaded by hand but aerated by food mixer and our pastry will not come from the supermarket! We laughed and learned and were charmed in to becoming better bakers.

As if this were not enough, Monsieur Bertinet also got Jess, our President, up front separating eggs, and had most of the committee whipping cream and ladling rum over the mountain of babas he brought with him.

It was a truly delightful evening and he said he would come back and talk to us again next year!

Jess (President), Richard Bertinet and Karen (Secretary)

Jess (President), Richard Bertinet and Karen (Secretary)