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Our October rag rugging crafty night out last week was a great success! Su started off by showing us what is possible to make with rag rugging. We were blown away by the portrait of her old cat she had made from her sons’ old t-shirts.
She then showed us the different materials you can use – including old plastic carrier bags – and the two ways she rag rugs (prodding from the back to the front leaving loose ends and hooking from front to back creating a loop).
We all made a start on our designs and went away with our sacking and prodder, made from an old fashioned wooden dolly peg with one leg cut off. There are ‘proper’ tools for the job, but a dolly peg and a crochet hook work perfectly well (at least until Sue managed to snap in half one of Su’s crochet hooks!).
ragrug3What’s more we were treated to a wonderful selection of teas, delicious ginger cake (Nigel Slater’s recipe) and flapjacks dipped in chocolate – Su’s only problem was getting us all to pack up and go home (without sneaking gorgeous border collie Abbey in our bags!)