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Our AGM last night was rather bitter-sweet. The Bath WI formed in 2011 and at this, our third, AGM our wonderful president, Sarah, and secretary, Mel, stepped down. There wouldn’t be a Bath WI without them and they have done an amazing job. The good news is that not only has Jess M stepped up to take over as our new president and Karen is sharpening her pencils to take over as secretary, both Sarah and Mel will still be the committee! In addition we have three new committee members: Sally, Elaine and Nicolette.

There has been a bit of a cabinet reshuffle and your committee now looks like this:

El Presidente (leader of meetings and holder of the Presidential gavel): Jess M
Vice (ready to step forward when the President has left the building): Victoria
Chief cashier (in charge of all things money, bank accounts and balancing the books): Jess B
Miss Moneypenny (writer of agenda, minutes and newsletters to members, as well as contact for any member enquiries) – Karen
Multimedia Techno-wizard (Twitter-er, facebook-er, website wonder and patient techno-teacher to the rest of the committee): Sue
Head Gardener (design doyenne and co-ordinator of the garden committee): Kitty
Crafty Ladies (organisers of crafty nights out and crafty nights in): Nicolette and Sally
The Avon Lady (liaising with the ladies from the Fed, national WI issues and being our contact in the local group): Trish
Bar Wench (Bath WI’s own Peggy Mitchell): Sarah
Reading Monitor (supervisor of all things Bath WI Book club): Elaine
First Aid (talker to local charities, fundraiser and sorter of donations to the food bank and women’s refuge): Victoria
Keeper of the Diary (overseeing the Speakers’ Committee): Sarah
The General (helping out whenever anyone gets particularly stressed): Mel

At meetings you will be able to spot committee members – they are the ones wearing Bath WI aprons and bright felt flower name badges! If you would like a reminder of who is who, we have set up a page about our committee.

Our quiz did over-run a bit, but I think everyone had a good time. Congratulations to our winning team…the Daisies (is that right?)

IamWI - 29
It was also #IamWI day yesterday, dispelling the stereotype of WI members. Here is a small selection of our Bath WI members: