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clareharrisClare Harris was the founder and principal of the ISPA accredited Bath School of Aromatherapy. In addition to teaching aromatherapy, she was also a practising professional aromatherapy masseur for many years. We’ve asked her to condense all that aromatherapy experience into an information packed and inspirational evening.


Aromatherapy is an ancient natural medicine, based on the use of potent volatile plant oils to bring about therapeutic effects. Come and spend an evening finding out about the history, practice and everyday applications of aromatherapy. Discover how you can use these high-powered concentrates in a whole range of ways, from simple first aid, to relaxation, well being and natural beauty treatments. We’ll be finding out which oils you should have in your medicine cabinet, your kitchen and your bathroom and why it’s important to use them wisely. You won’t look at plants in the same way again!