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Join our Laughter Workshop and Giggle your way to a healthier life

Do you fancy a laugh? Literally?laughing ladies Bath WI

To get the WI New Year off to a very happy start we’re having a stress-busting laughter workshop that we hope will inspire us through out 2013. There are some strong connections between laughter, positive psychology, happiness and resilience. The workshop will look at some of these issues but hopefully will also leave you on a WI high, ready to spread some WI happiness  in our fair city of Bath. “Such Fun Darling!”

If you want more information then have a look on their website – there are some great clips on their ‘Chuckle gallery’ to get you in the mood. http://www.joehoare.co.uk/laughter_wellbeing.html

We’ll be meeting at 7.30pm on February 6th at the church hall at Bathwick St Mary’s and as always the event is open to non-members, family, friends and the WI-Curious.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all there.