Join us for our September meeting and blow the cobwebs out with a rousing and happy sing along guaranteed to stir the soul and bring out the musical talents of the most tone deaf of us all!

We’re delighted that Sean Bowers the Assistant Director of Music at Bath Abbey is coming along to do his best Gareth Malone impression and get us all singing along. Enthusiasm is all that is required rather than talent – so no need to be shy & we promise there will be no enforced solos. We may not have recorded a number 1 single at the end of the evening but we’ll have had a laugh and learnt a lot!

We’re meeting on Wednesday the 5th at 7.30pm at St Mary’s Bathwick for some drinks and chat with Sean taking his place at the piano from 8pm. As always guests as well as members are very welcome.

Please email us at if you any questions about the meeting or joining our group. If you’d like to find out more about Bath Abbey, how to join their worship or their work in the committee please go to